Water & Waste Water Sector

Sewage Treatment and RO Plants
Spectral works with principals equipped to provide highest quality water and waste water technology. The services offered include comprehensive manufacturing, assembly, and welding capabilities, complete electrical and control (PLC) design, programming, and fabrication to offer turnkey solutions in water and waste water management.

The water management solutions can be offered for process industries, high quality water make up for power generation plants, land based water supply and treatment plants for municipal and industrial establishments.

The services offered include complete design, fabrication, supply, installation and commissioning of Complete water management with zero liquid discharge, sewage treatment plants, raw water treatment plants, Demineralization plants, Reverse Osmosis plants, seawater desalination plants and undertaking of operation and maintenance contracts.

Water pipeline network construction

Spectral has associated with an organization specialized in undertaking deployment of new water supply and irrigation pipeline network construction.   The design and engineering for projects is done by our overseas partners and qualification and service rendering within the Sultanate is rendered by Spectral. Our principals bring in rich experience of having handled such projects across the Gulf region and in challenging terrains. We put our ingenuity and vast pipeline engineering expertise to work delivering water and wastewater pipeline transport solutions. Providing the full range of services, we ensure project is delivered successfully from start to finish.

Grease trap & specialized services
Spectral offers complete solution for catering industry and restaurants in design, supply, Installation & maintenance of grease traps qualifying international standards for approvals from muscat municipality and haya water. Our specialized solution combat challenges faced by small and large industries in maintaining blockage free and undisrupted sewer network.

Spectral associates with specialized contractors in sewer line cleaning to remove any foreign materials that may build up over time or deterioration blockages using latest innovative mechanical and hydraulic technologies.