Telecom & IT Sector



Spectral represents international companies for sales and marketing of allied products and services related to the Information Technology and Telecommunications field.
A quick glance on Spectral telecom portfolio:

Spectral Link offers a wide range of turnkey solutions for wireless network infrastructure that precisely meet the evolving needs of cellular network operators and OEMs including:

  • Design, Manufacture, Supply & Erection of Telecom towers
  • Supply of Tower & RF Accessories, Antennas and Passive Components.  
  • Design & Implementation of MW links
  • Base Station Equipment Installation & Commissioning
  • Core equipment Installation & Commissioning
  • Network Planning, Design, Operation & Maintenance Services
  • Cell Site Design, Site Acquisition & Permits

Spectral Link impressive record of providing custom designed turnkey solutions for projects of any size, coupled with wide-ranging resources of global expertise and local associates, makes them the perfect partner for any wireless network infrastructure needs.

Spectral Link Broadband Wireless portfolio delivers last mile wireless LTE & WiMAX solutions for enterprises, service providers, defense agencies, security agencies and remote communities. A wide range of point to point and point to multipoint radio systems, coupled with robust and scalable broadband gateways enable multiple applications to be supported and deployed. Go wireless with Spectral and realize the full benefits of broadband wireless networks.

Spectral Link takes up fixed line network infrastructure work for carriers and enterprises, long haul OSP, FTTH networks and provides incampus solutions.
Spectral Link partners utility companies in the power, oil & gas, water and waste water sectors to deploy and upgrade telecom communication neworks. The design, planning and OSP work execution is done through a partner network.

Besides project execution Spectral also undertakes contracted supplies for telecom projects in following categories :

Tools & Equipments   : Splicing Machines, Fiber Cleavers, Cable Blowing Machines, Tool Sets, Cleaning Kits etc…
Telecom Cables            : Optical Fiber cables – Terrestrial, Aerial (ADSS) & Submarine Class, Copper Telecom Cables -LAN/WAN, OPGW and other specialty cables
Cable Accessories        : Fiber Distribution Frames, Termination Cabinets, Joint Closures, Cord and tails, Connectors, Termination tools & kits, ducts & Sub ducts, Hand holes and chambers
FTTH Passive Kits       : High density fiber management systems, High density equipment racks, Fiber Containment Systems, Plug & Play Cable Systems, FTTH Street Cabinets, Multifunctional Wall Box & Closures, Splitters & WDM Systems

Spectral provides a wide gamut of test equipments to cover testing needs of fixed and wireless networks. It includes ,

Fiber Optic Test Equipments : OTDR, Light Source , Power Meter, Inspection Probes , VFL, Optical Spectrum Anlayzers, CD /PMD Testing etc..

Tranport & Datacom : Ethernet Tester, SDH Analyzers, 10/100 Gig Tester etc…

Montoring & Perfomance Mangement Tools : Service Assurance Solutions , Fiber monitoring Solutions, Network Protocol Analyzers , Simulators etc…

Spectral can survey, evaluate, design and implement comprehensive fiber monitoring solutions for critical links. Spectral also take up provisioning for total network quality management systems mapped to GIS systems for 24/7 monitoring of fiber networks in critical areas.

Spectral Link undertakes high end testing services for carriers & utilities including qualification of NEMS through a charter of acredited engineers.

Data Center Infrastructure Solutions
Spectral Link takes up total design, planning, utility provisioning, supply and execution of data centre projects

Our Data Center Services team can provide analysis and improvement strategies on:

  • Early planning and pre-design.
  • Data centre cost planning & procurement support.
  • Thermal Management & Power.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • Racks, Enclosures and Cable Management.
  • Airflow Management systems.
  • Copper & fiber cabling systems.

Networking, Security and Survellience
Spectral Link undertakes networking within premises, buildings, in-campus, hospitals, banks and other commercial establishments. Spectral offers a choice of solutions from leading OEMs and has an in-house team that specializes in total Building Management Solutions implementation.

The service and product offering includes:

  • Network Structured Cabling Solutions
  • Security Surveillance Products & Services
  • Intrusion Detection (Alarm ) Solutions
  • Access Control Solutions
  • Broadcasting / Audio Visual & Public Address Systems
  • Fire control and alarm systems

 IT Managed Services
Spectral Link can take full responsibility for your IT, including complete application lifecycle management, application development, quality assurance and day-to-day operations and maintenance of both application and infrastructure. Spectral services embrace multi-vendor environments, which give you the flexibility to develop and deploy services and infrastructure by using the vendor of your choice.

Spectral Link offers comprehensive solutions that enable effective network infrastructure life –cycle management across the areas of network planning, design and field engineering, network inventory management and IT consulting.