Project Support


Spectral has a good understanding of the business philosophy in the operating region and networks with decision makers among the utility sector, ministries, manufacturing & consultancy firms, process industry,  and service delivery firms.

Infrastructure and construction projects have to operate with cost and time budgets and operate within the environment and safety regulations of the region. Spectral will dedicate personnel who can assist in material procurement to ensure that project implementation optimizes time and cost functions.

On a day to day basis, Spectral supports projects being executed by overseas engineering companies in the Gulf region. A true partnering relationship, wherein Spectral aims to bridge project managers to potential suppliers of basic project materials at work site through an established supply chain and dealer network spanning the gulf region.

Spectral will provide bridging services to panel of experts for consultancy and project management in the fields of construction, oil field supplies and services, IT and Telecom, Infrastructure and transport, power and utility. The Spectral team consultancy services will be restricted to business in the Sultanate of Oman and will be through panel of experts associated with Spectral. We do not take on consultancy in-house. We bring together the best professionals to suit your needs.