Power Sector


In the Power sector Spectral works on Power and Industrial systems. Spectral has focus on power and industrial transformers, transmission line towers, access products, Cables and various lighting products.

Transmission & Distribution Towers
Spectral, through its principals, has a contracted manufacturing capacity of over 120,000 MT per annum, offering the following products and solutions:

  • Design & Supply of towers for all voltage levels from 11kV to 1200kV
  • Waist Type Towers, Guyed Towers, Tangent Towers, HVDC Towers
  • River& Highway crossing, Transposition Towers ,Single, Double & Multi circuit Towers
  • Emergency Restoration Towers 

Spectral can provide EPC solutions on turnkey basis in the areas of Power Transmission, Power Systems and Telecom. The skills include project management and execution.

T&D Accessories
Spectral contracts with leading manufacturer of transmission and distribution accessories across Europe, Asia Pacific and Far East to offer the following accessories:

  • Power Conductors – AAC; AAAC; ARAUCARIA; ACSR; ACAR
  • Optical Ground Wire Cable (OPGW) – Aluminium Clad Central Tube; Central Core Aluminum Sheathed Tube Design; Central Steel Tube; High Fault-Current & High Strength Design; Stranded Stainless Steel Tube and Stainless Steel Tube embedded in extruded Aluminium
  • Insulators-Long rod disc & Silicon Rubber Insulator; Pin & Shackle Type Insulators; Post, Pot & Hewlett type Insulators
  • Hardware Fittings – Conductor fittings-Vibration, Spacer dampers; Jumpers & Jumper Cones
  • Insulator fittings-Arcing Rings & Horns; Double Tongue – Twisted & Straight; Yoke Plate, Dead End Clamps, Sag Adjusters
  • OPGW Fittings– Suspension Clamps & Armour Rods; Dead Ends, Vibration dampers; Thimbles, Pulleys
  • Other Accessories-Conductor Phase Marking Lights; Aviation Obstruction Lights – Solar & LED or conventional; Aviation Warning Spheres

Substations – GIS & AIS
Spectral Link can arrange entire range of engineering for

Power Transformers-Oil Immersed, Vacuum Pressure Impregnated, Cast Resin Type, Dry Type & Special Purpose transformers; Package / Compact / Unitized substations; EHV Power Transformers upto 500MVA, 500kV class; Distribution Transformers upto 2500kVA, 33kV

DC Battery System-Thyristor based control charger, Micro controlled charger, Swift charge; Automatic Power Factor Control, Control & Relay Panel; AC & DC Distribution Boards

Capacitor Banks-High Voltage Capacitor Equipments; Replacement Capacitor Units; Metal Enclosed Capacitor Units; Detuned Capacitor Banks; Harmonic Filters

Other equipments: Bus bars, Lightning Arrestors, Current & Potential Transformers, Shunt Reactors, Shunt Capacitors, Metering Panels, Earthing systems etc.

Cables & Accessories
Spectral Link offers a unique range of cables and accessories in ELV, LV, HV & EHV class in addition to Control, Instrumentation and Special Application Cables. We also undertake installation of cables.

Electrical Test & Measuring Equipments

  • Battery Test Equipments
  • Cable & Fault Locating Equipments
  • Circuit Breaker Test Equipments
  • Earth & Insulation Resistance Testers
  • Overhead Line Test Equipments
  • Power Factor & Power Quality Test Equipments
  • Protection & Protection relay testing
  • Transformer Testing Equipments
  • Thermal Imaging Equipments


Explosion proof devices
M/s Baliga is approved by PDO, MOG, ORPIC, JSRS etc and are the pioneers of explosion proof equipments in India. Their product portfolio includes Cable Glands, Explosion proof Junction Box, entire range of explosion proof light fittings, Exd Panels, Normal industrial panels, lighting poles etc…

Business Partners:

Aster was established in 1998, with an objective to provide complete range of services from design of Towers, Validation of designs, Manufacture, Supply, Testing and Erection of Transmission Line Towers along with commissioning of Sub-Stations. Aster, a diversified engineering services company, is run by dedicated professionals with varied experience in different business segments.

The Pioneers in India and a leading manufacturer of an extensive range of Explosion proof equipment that is innovation driven and is committed to carve a niche for itself as a renowned Ex equipment manufacturer, in the global market. Baliga Lighting has come a long way since inception in 1960 and gained the reputation of being a quality benchmark in Indian Industry. The portfolio of products includes Lighting equipment, communication system, panels and Hot Air Sealing system for LPG cylinders in addition to flow measuring equipment.

Wide range of Cable Laying Products as well as the cable feeder DF-6.

RIBE is one of the leading international suppliers of mechanical fasteners, technical springs and electrical fittings. The RIBE Group employs a workforce of about 1,500 at nine locations and produces a total sales volume of over 151 million EURO.